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Adult Choir residing in 7200 Grindsted, Denmark.

The Choir has existed for about 30 years – most of the time as part of  Grindsted Music School. During that time the choir’s administrational abreviation turned into the choirs’ name VOK. Eventually in the summer 2008 the choir changes to a more private-like position. During that change we changed our name as well to


As standard we are a 4 part mixed choir – soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Occasionally there can be more or less parts. We are not fixed to one or few genres – we feel good working with all kinds of good music – church music as well as secular – old as well as new music – art music as well as pop – rhythmical as well as classical. And we do like to interact with an audience rather than performing on a distant stage with some few family members at the end of some empty rows of chairs.

For the time being we are about 55 members in the choir, aged between 19 and 80 with an average about 52 years. But a lively bunch of people.

During the season we focus at some 4 – 10 concerts – some local and some further away either in Denmark or in other countries. Some years back the choir has been to Germany, Norway and Sweden. During it’s “new life” we have visited Germany (Flensburg, Glückburg) in 2009, and are now planning a 4 day concert-trip to the Netherlands in May 2010 with concerts in Zaanse Schans, Alkmaar and Haarlem. In 2011 we are going to Germany again.

From september 2008 the conductor has been Stig Løppenthin Møller, which is like a “coming-back”, as in fact he founded the choir some 30 years ago and conducted it for about 8  years. At the weekly choir rehearsals every wednesday night we enjoy as well our pianist Karina Holgersen who is a very popular and very busy local musician.

If you want to contact the choir pr. mail – info@slmconduct.dk 

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